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Wi-Fi X

AI-driven Wi-Fi Networks that provide exceptional reliability and performance.

What is Wi-Fi X?

Created by VALL Technologies, Wi-Fi X is a customized, cost effective Wi-Fi solution that is precisely engineered for your application.  It's focused on customer requirements and delivered as a full turn key solution with best in class performance, analytics, and customized on-boarding.  Wi-Fi X utilizes exceptional hardware and software to create a simple, yet effective end-to-end solution. Whether it's a small hotspot or large venue, Wi-Fi X will ensure you have the best Wi-Fi experience possible.

The Wi-Fi X Process

Streamlined process for design, quoting, installation and management


Assess customer requirements and applications for a customized design

Designing Wi-Fi X


Turn-Key installation of

Wi-Fi X hardware and software

Building Wi-Fi X


Post installation network management, optimization, and AI driven analytics

Managing Wi-Fi X

Dependable and Hassle Free Wi-Fi

What Makes Wi-Fi X Different?

Our Wi-Fi technology and process was developed by highly experienced Radio Frequency Engineers that understand how to utilize the best hardware, software and design to create the best Wi-Fi experience possible.

Our products utilize the latest Wi-Fi standards and unlicensed spectrum, which ensures that you are not using outdated technology.

If your Wi-Fi experience matters, contact our experts to learn more.


Enterprise Use Cases for  Wi-Fi X

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Wi-Fi X ?

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