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Private Networks for Commercial 
Real Estate

Private wireless networks increase the value of your residential and commercial properties and enable new smart amenities.

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Commercial Real Estate Partners

VALL Technologies is proud to provide custom wireless solutions to businesses and organizations across the country.

Commercial Real Estate wireless use cases

Private networks improve MDU operations, security, and communications. Increase your property's value and enable...


Remote Security Monitoring


Digital Keys


Smart Lighting Solutions


High-speed, reliable Internet


Improved Security of Sensitive Data


Remote Monitoring & Management of Utilities


Streamlined Tenant Interactions

Tech to Connect Your MDU

LTE and 5G networks provide long-range, high-speed, ultra-secure mobile connectivity to enable new amenities and smart-home transformations.

Gig internet without disruption. Let tenants' stream, game, and surf while you avoid dropped-service headaches.

Private Wireless Applications

Technology Master Planning

Leverage our wealth of commercial wireless experience to plan a future-proof tech solution that increases the value of your investment. 

New Constructions

Developing a new property and want to avoid future headaches? Make sure your internet infrastructure is secure, reliable, and ready to tackle the needs of tomorrow.

MDU Connectivity

Improve the quality of life for your tenants with a private network. Eliminate pesky wireless dead zones and provide smart amenities to stand out to renters.

Case Study

Cabana Happy Valley Apartments
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Greenlight Properties was looking to add smart-home amenities to raise the value of Cabana Happy Valley Apartments. Tenants needed to unlock doors, access temperature controls, and see if the gym was full - all through their smart phones. On-site property managers didn't have the IT experience to execute this project on their own. 

To meet the MDU's needs, Vall Technologies constructed an end-to-end private cellular network using Alef APIs, LittleBird controllers, and Baicells LTE radios.

Cabana Happy Valley Apartments

Courtesy of Greenlight Properties

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