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Private cellular solutions

Private Cellular Networks

Custom 4G LTE and 5G networks built for your specific needs.

What are private cellular networks?

Private cellular networks (PCNs) use 4G LTE or 5G technology to provide dedicated, wireless connectivity for specific use-cases that often require heightened security or bandwidth.

PCNs are often chosen by organizations that require long-range, mobile connectivity that require additional security and minimal latency to operate effectively. 

Customized Private Cellular Networks

We take the complexity out of Private 4G/5G networks and provide you with a cost effective and high performance solution


Great networking starts with optimal designs. Leverage our 25+ years experience and get started.

Design wireless networks


Designing is one thing, implementing is another. Our expertise will be your success.

Build wireless networks


Networks need to be monitored and maintained to perform to expectations. We'll take care of it.

Manage wireless networks

Modeling PCNs for Business Cases

Before you invest in a private cellular network, get an understanding of how it can impact your business. 

Uncover competitive advantages, hidden costs, and understand your OPEX and CAPEX before you deploy.

Custom applications

Designing PCNs for Custom Applications

Wireless robots

Have critical infrastructure that requires reliable connectivity?


We design private cellular networks for specialty IoT, Edge, and Mobility applications.

Integrating PCNs into Existing Networks

Looking to supplement an existing network with cellular connectivity? 

Let our expert team take care of it, you can sit back.

PCN integrations

Industries that Benefit from Private Cellular


Smart city transformations and public security enhancements start with cellular networks.

Venues and Events

Leverage the security of private cellular networks and provide PoS systems for any event or venue.


The long-range of private cellular networks can connect at-home students to the school's network.

Commercial Real Estate

Update buildings to include smart-amenities and increase the property's value. 


Private cellular networks enable mobility applications for businesses to track, connect, and automate.

Rural Connectivity

Private cellular offers long-range connectivity to enable internet at any location.

Ready to start with a private cellular network? 

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