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Private Networks for Venues & Events

Connect POS systems and back of house communications so you can keep the cash and marketing flowing. 

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Venue and Event Partners

VALL Technologies is proud to provide custom wireless solutions to businesses and organizations across the country.

Venues and Events wireless use cases

Private networks are changing how events and venues are improving operations, increasing their security, and driving new marketing opportunities. Get started and enable...


Digital Ticketing


Improved Back-of-house Operations


Wireless Point of Sale Systems


Dedicated Influencer Connectivity


Remote Security Monitoring


Remote Event Connectivity


DAS Replacement Systems

Tech to Connect Your Venue

Long-range, high-speed, ultra-secure, mobile networks perfect for replacing existing DAS at a fraction of the cost.

Improve digital security, increase internet access, offer seamless digital ticketing and cashless payments.

Available Wireless Applications

Business Operations

Connect back of house to smooth communications, enable digital ticketing, and provide a cashless experience. 

DAS Replacements

DAS is expensive. Install a private network and get all the security, speed, and reliability of a cellular network without the cost. 

Pop-Up Networks

Quick, easy and perfect for outdoor events that need dedicated connectivity to keep POS systems and other devices online.

Case Study

velorama festival-bikes

Image courtesy of @valoramafestival


The Velorama Colorado Biking and Music Festival was expecting crowds of 30,000 for its inaugural event. The event blends bike racing with a large music festival, food, beer, and crafts - blending community values with tourism incentives.

Vall Technologies was chosen to provide internet connectivity for the entire event. The network needed to support video streaming, general access Wi-Fi, and point-of-sale (POS) demands of vendors. On the day of the event, with the network in place, Vall Technologies delivered fiber-fast speeds averaging 300 Mbps and as high as 700 Mbps, despite the extremely high traffic loads, satisfying every requested need.

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