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Case Studies

Developing private networking solutions for any environment.

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Case Study - Municipal and Educational Network

Bridging the digital divide & improving public safety in the City of Longmont, Colorado.

Base Station overlooking Longmont
city of longmont logo
st. vrain school district logo

The City of Longmont had a problem. Since the pandemic, the community had seen an increase in crime and the local school districts were struggling to connect students to e-learning opportunities.  

The solution? A private cellular network solution built by Vall Technologies, supported by partners NextLight and Baicells, which enabled the use of remote security cameras, provided students with an internet connection, and took the city to the next stage of its digital transformation.

An LTE Base Station overlooks the City of Longmont.

Case Study - Outdoor Event

Providing connectivity for guest Wi-Fi, video streaming, and point-of-sale (POS) devices.

velorama festival of bikes

Image courtesy of @valoramafestival

velorama logo
Mimosa logo

The Velorama Colorado Biking and Music Festival was expecting crowds of 30,000 for its inaugural event. The event blends bike racing with a large music festival, food, beer, and crafts - blending community values with tourism incentives.

Vall Technologies was chosen to provide internet connectivity for the entire event. The network needed to support video streaming, general access Wi-Fi, and point-of-sale (POS) demands of vendors. On the day of the event, with the network in place, Vall Technologies delivered fiber-fast speeds averaging 300 Mbps and as high as 700 Mbps, despite the extremely high traffic loads, satisfying every requested need.

Case Study - Smart Amenities for MDUs

Private cellular network turned apartments into smart homes and increased properties values.

Cabana Happy Valley Apartments
Alef logo
littlebird logo

Greenlight Properties was looking to add smart-home amenities to raise the value of Cabana Happy Valley Apartments. Tenants needed to unlock doors, access temperature controls, and see if the gym was full - all through their smart phones. On-site property managers didn't have the IT experience to execute this project on their own. 

To meet the MDU's needs, Vall Technologies constructed an end-to-end private cellular network using Alef APIs, LittleBird controllers, and Baicells LTE radios.

ongo award winner 2022

Cabana Happy Valley Apartments

Courtesy of Greenlight Properties

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