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LTE 4G & 5G Testing Lab

Trying to determine 3GPP compatibility? Want to verify tech specs? 

Our certified testing lab will ensure the functionality, performance, and safety of your private cellular network hardware.


We Run the Only Indoor/Outdoor 5G Testing Lab in Colorado 


Get An Outside Perspective


"Trust, but verify."

Get an in-depth understanding of the hardware you plan on deploying. Go beyond the datasheets and dig into the real capabilities to become a true expert on the devices you're using.


Align Your Strategy

Knowledge is power and knowing the capabilities and limitations of your hardware can help establish budgets, timelines, and future plans. 

Before you set off on your next venture, make sure you have every piece of information and leave nothing to chance.

Test Everything

A testing lab is only as good as the tests conducted. Our team rates the hardware across 6 distinct categories: 

  1. Network Performance

  2. Protocol Conformation

  3. Interoperability

  4. Security

  5. RF Characteristics

  6. Mobility Functionality

Want to test a deployment? Take a look at our field studies.


Ready to start testing? 

Let's talk.

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