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Your Partner for Exceptional Wireless and IT Networks

Our Mission

Empower Private Wireless Connectivity


Wireless is a cost effective mechanism for providing connectivity to people and devices. A consumer has two choices for wireless connectivity 1) subscribing to a carrier plan or 2) establishing their own connectivity.  When a consumer has the power to build their own wireless network, it allows them to have full control of their cost, experience, and performance.  This is the power of Private Wireless.

When VALL Technologies was created in 2011, the goal was to take the lessons learned from years in the carrier industry and apply the engineering principles to the enterprise. If wireless could be properly engineered, we knew that we could solve the problems that plagued the private enterprise when it came poor connectivity and slow speeds.

Private Wireless is a unique industry that is often difficult for explain, but through years of resiliency and determination, we've accomplished great success and helped people that needed it.  We were the first company in the nation to build a production Private 4G network to serve underprivileged students during the early stages of the pandemic.  We've provided highly reliable service to city law enforcement that vastly improves public safety. Our creative approach to solving connectivity problems is what separates us from others.

Private Wireless is a phenomenal technology and there is no other company that is comparable to us when it comes to experience, efficiency and excellence.

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Your Experts in Design and Development

We are a one-stop-shop for the entire process of wireless deployment. 









Our Tenets for Success


We've built our reputation on technical excellence, attention to detail, responsiveness, and affordability. We do what we say we are going to do and customer satisfaction is our priority


Unlike IT driven organizations involved with wireless, our DNA is rooted in 30 years of carrier wireless engineering experience in R&D and commercial networks.


We're licensed professionals, certified to deploy, test, and install the latest hardware and wireless solutions available. Knowledge is power and we're equipped for any challenge.

The Latest News


Workers at TSMC chip plant enjoy CBRS network at their housing

Vall Technologies worked with Alef Edge, LittleBird, and Baicells to build a private wireless network for Cabana Happy Valley apartments.



NextLight uses LTE private wireless to connect low-income students

Vall Technologies and NextLight use private LTE network to connect students in Longmont.

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