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Technology Consulting

Technical consulting services for wireless technology.

We provide the insights you need to help you make the right decisions for your business initiatives.

Wireless consulting

Getting Started

Obtaining the right information on wireless technology and or cost modeling starts here. Contact us for a free initial consult.

Technology Master Planning

Making decisions on the right technology plan for your organization can be daunting. Our consulting team can evaluate your requirements and provide you with a master plan that meets your technical and financial needs. Because we own and develop networks throughout the US, our team has the right experience to provide the insights you are looking for.

Sample of Consulting Services:

  • Vendor, Technology and Cost Analysis

  • Indoor and Outdoor Data Collection/Analysis

    • Wi-Fi​

    • 4G

    • 5G

    • Spectrum analysis

    • Interference analysis

    • GIS Spatial Mapping

  • New technology 

  • Spectrum strategy

  • Capacity modeling

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Data Collection and Insights

We leverage data science and modeling to help give you the insights you are looking for whether it's Wi-Fi, IoT, 4G, or 5G, we have the tools and resources to collect data and provide the right insights for your competitive advantage.

Technology and Cost Modeling

If you are seeking in-depth information on technology, vendors, and pricing, we have the information needed to help answer your questions.  We provide management consulting level cost models and technical analysis to help simplify the information you are looking for.

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Loved By Clients

“We could not have built our city's private network without VALL Technologies. Ron was critical in its success."

Harold Dominguez

City Manager, Longmont

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