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Private Networks

Smart city transformations start with a secure private network to enable IoT, data services, and communications. 

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Colorado Smart Cities Alliance

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Municipal wireless use cases

The age of the smart city is here. Connect, monitor, and communicate, with an ultra-secure, private wireless network and enable...


Remote Security Cameras


Remote Traffic Management


Smart Lighting Solutions

Public works monitoring

Public Works Monitoring

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Access Control Systems


Environmental Monitoring


Internet of Things Sensors


Emergency & Critical Communications

Tech to Connect Your City

LTE and 5G networks provide long-range, high-speed, ultra-secure mobile connectivity that enable your smart-city transformation.

Comprehensive IT services to set the groundwork for your city's digital future. Get peace of mind and stay focused on your community mission.

Enable New Wireless Applications

Municipal Data Services

Gain greater insights with improved data services and coverage. Discover the power of predictive analytics and begin solving problems before they arise.

IoT Enablement

Remotely connect and monitor anything and everything. Start leveraging the massive ecosystem driving the Internet of Things and begin digitalizing your city. 

First Responder Data Services

Get your first responders the tools to remain safe, secure, and connected. Improve tracking and monitoring of critical systems and stay on top of what's happening.

Public Safety Enablement

Set up private communications channels, deploy remote security cameras, and begin developing a safer community experience for your residents and family. 

Case Study

Base Station overlooking Longmont
city of longmont logo
st. vrain school district logo

The City of Longmont had a problem. Since the pandemic, the community had seen an increase in crime and the local school districts were struggling to connect students to e-learning opportunities.  

The solution? A private cellular network solution built by Vall Technologies, supported by partners NextLight and Baicells, which enabled the use of remote security cameras, provided students with an internet connection, and took the city to the next stage of its digital transformation.

An LTE Base Station overlooks the City of Longmont.

Want to start building a smart city?

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