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Our Services

We offer a range of services to meet your needs.

Private networks are not built overnight. You need to plan, test, and execute. We can help.

Outdoor & Indoor Enterprise Network Builds

Connectivity is critical for businesses to succeed. VALL Technologies builds, maintains, and manages wireless and IT networks and infrastructure for a variety of enterprise customers. Depending on your needs, we can build a complete end-to-end network or only manage a portion of an existing network.

We use our breadth of experience to determine the hardware and network structure that's right for you. Leverage our experience and personal connections and stop worrying about your network.

Engineer Talking Through Walkie Talkie
Mountainous Views

Last-mile Connectivity

Last-mile internet connectivity is an increasing concern for school districts, municipalities, and new developments. A robust and reliable internet connection is needed to stay competitive and encourage economic development. 

VALL Technologies has developed several public-private partnerships to enable communities to connect to the internet. Our team has worked in a wide-range of terrains and can provide a connectivity solution for nearly any environment. 

RF Engineering & Design

A wireless network or IT solution is only as good as its limitations. Wireless hardware and IT products each have their own specifications that can limit interoperability of your network and create expensive bottlenecks.


Garner a complete understanding of your infrastructure and capabilities with VALL Technologies RF engineering and design services. Avoid costly missteps and deploy your private network with confidence. 

Engineer on Tablet
Dish Antenna

Special Projects

Looking for a specialized wireless backhaul solution? Located in an area that has limited spectrum options? Have a project that requires specialized infrastructure? Working in rough terrain? 

VALL Technologies's expertise lies in solutions. Our team works with specialized projects and proof-of-concepts to provide the answers to difficult questions. As long as the project is physically possible, we'll get you what you need.

Network Management & Consultation

Maybe you inherited a network that requires extensive care to run effectively, or your current team could use assistance to fill their expertise gaps. Whether you are looking for a complete network and IT management solution, or just need a helping hand, we can help.

VALL Technologies experience can provide a new perspective for your enterprise network. A second opinion can be the difference between a flawless network and a network plagued with problems.

Network Hub and Cable
Communication Tower

Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure is an important piece of building an effective private network. Cellular and enterprise-grade Wi-Fi hardware often needs to be installed at elevated heights to provide the greatest impact. Cabinets and security structures can protect your investment at the ground level. 

VALL Technologies builds complete end-to-end networks. This includes towers, cabling, and power solutions. If you need assistance getting your infrastructure in place, we're happy to help. 

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