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Are you missing out on new revenue opportunities by not offering a public Wi-Fi service in your town or shopping center? With the mass adoption of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices, we all are demanding Wi-Fi coverage wherever we are, city centers, public parks, and even public transport will all have pervasive coverage in the near future.

The city of Glenwood Springs important initiative of providing free Wi-Fi access to low income students spread across the city’s mountain valley was challenging on many fronts, including keeping the costs down. VALL Technologies collaborated with city officials to develop a long-term plan for a carrier-class network that would meet those needs with limited city funds. Early phases of the network have been deployed and the students are already seeing the tremendous benefits.


Guests expect their Wi-Fi experience to be the same as when they are at home or in the office. This can be a challenge when the network is spread out over a large and diverse footprint. Give your guests a reason to want to come back by giving them a network that keeps them in touch while they are away.

The Steamboat Grand Hotel was nursing a legacy “cookie cutter” network that produced 20 Mbps on a good day. In need of a complete overhaul, VALL Technologies implemented a complete core-to-edge rebuild resulting in a capacity upgrade from 20 Mbps to over 800Mbps. In addition, the cost for VALL Technologies upgrade was a third of price of competing bids.


It can be a difficult balance to provide students and facility with a fast, secure and reliable network for a limited budget. Do you have to make critical compromises? The answer is no! You just need to find the right partner with the knowledge and experience to help guide you to a balanced solution that is easy to manage.

Roaring Fork School District was in desperate need of a high density BYOD (bring your on device) wireless network that could accommodate three devices per student. In addition, the upgrade needed to qualify for E-Rate funds in order for the district to be able to afford the cost of thirteen schools. VALL Technologies proposal and proof of concept enabled the district to capture those funds, and the end cost was a third less than what was proposed by competing companies. To read more about what VALL Technologies did for Roaring Fork, download the case study.


Most event, stadium and arena networks are not designed to handle a fluctuating high concentration of users at one time. This can be a frustrating for attendees, as well as a business bottleneck for ticketing, point-of-sale and press feeds. Event venues need to provide a good wireless experience for people who have taken valuable time out of their day to attend, while securing critical lines of communication to run the operation.

Organizers of the Grand Junction Airshow had to have a temporary high-capacity point-to-point network that could accommodate over 25,000 attendees each day of the show. Not only was VALL Technologies able to deliver that network, they introduced attendees to an innovative content delivery system that enabled network guests to watch exclusive real-time video from cameras fixed to stunt planes.


Mobility and security is the name of game for business today. Workers and customers must have access to a network that is untethered, powerful and safe. The rapid adoption of VoIP and WLAN technologies, use of high-resolution video and Internet conferencing requires a business-class wireless network that is vital to the operation.

Global mining corporation Rio Tinto selected VALL Technologies as their partner of choice to engineer a complex underground Wi-Fi network using a Ruckus Wireless network infrastructure. The result is a highly robust and state-of-the-art wireless network that provides reliable communications and drives applications that vastly improve business efficiency.

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