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5Feb 2016

Tackling E-Rate with Brocade

The importance of a solid switching platform is paramount to the performance of a data network. We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Brocade Networks, who we feel offers the best switching platform in the industry.

Brocade has proven to be an invaluable partner when it comes to our very demanding E-Rate initiatives in K-12 as well as our commercial verticals. Simply put, Brocade’s high quality and competitive pricing enables partners like VALL Technologies to offer a best-in-class value to our customers.

For more info, contact us at info@valltechnologies subject Brocade.


4Feb 2016

VALL Technologies Launches Cloud Service

We’re excited to announce our first product launch on VALL Cloud hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

What is VALL Cloud?
VALL cloud is a management and analytics platform hosted on Google Cloud Services that controls our network infrastructure and delivers unique content to help drive branding and revenue.

The Value:
This product will enable us to deploy, manage, and control Ruckus Wireless AP’s anywhere in the world for a low cost. We become your virtual IT staff; no local support is required. It’s a true multi-tenant platform that enables us to create unique wireless profiles and security policies for every customer.

Content – The Future of Wi-Fi Networks:
In addition to high quality wireless service, we can also seamlessly integrate splash-page/portal or streaming media content to help drive advertising and revenue.

Contact us at info@valltechnologies.com for more info.


3Dec 2015

Ruckus Case Study For Education

We’re excited to have a case study with Ruckus Wireless on 802.11ac Wave 2 for education (E-Rate). We worked hard to design a network that met the near term and future capacity requirements of our customer (Roaring Fork School District). Stay tuned for more updates!

See Case Study Here: cs-roaring-fork

3Oct 2015

Managed WLAN Services

Using NFV to enable a more scalable and profitable service offering

Enterprises, public venues, and SMBs of all types are looking for managed WLAN services to address an urgent need for wireless broadband connectivity. Wi-Fi is rapidly becoming a utility for these businesses, it’s like electricity and plumbing, and if you don’t have it you are at a competitive disadvantage. Many of these businesses do not have the expertise to install and operate a network on their own.

For the managed service provider there are all sorts of advantages including:

  • Monthly recurring revenue stream
  • A chance to then upsell other services like broadband backhaul, security, and even LTE small cells
  • Simplifies site acquisition which is a hugely important issue going forward.
  • For MNOs, most LTE small cell builds will occur indoors and site acquisition is made much easier if the venue is already a managed WLAN services customer
  • If you are installed in a venue that usually means your competitor isn’t. Managed Services are a sustainable competitive advantage.

A key part of a successful and profitable managed WLAN service offering is to leverage network functions visualization (NFV) to enable services to be turned up quickly, at scale, and at the lowest possible cost. All backend system in a managed services offering can be moved to a centralized data center and pushed up into the cloud. Ruckus is moving aggressively in this area and have already enabled the industry leading SCG-200 WLAN Controller to now run in the Cloud via KVM and VMware vSphere hypervisor. This product, known as the vSCG, can support multi-tenant environments where many managed services customers share an instance of the vSCG, or in a dedicated mode (see the following figure).

multi-tenant envrionmentdedicated envrionments

Source: http://www.ruckuswireless.com/carriers/managed-wlan-services